Friday, March 23, 2012

A wedding to die for

The Proposal . . .

After years of gaurding the Cemetery of Howling Hollow Asylum together,  side by Side,
Jack finally asks for the hand of Mary Bloodwell.

The Place,

The Old,  abandoned (?) Howling Hollow Asylum and Cemetery,  Of course.

The Preparations . . .

The invitations were sent,
The Cemetery and Asylum Chapel were made festive for the ocassion,
The Wedding Cake arrives,
The guests began to arrive,
All the the Asylum family . . .
B.K. Crawler,
And Haunter.

The guests began to slowly trickle in.

Baby Brooklyn was there,

Ana the Cheerleader,


Crazy Jake,

Caleb, the zombie moto-cross rider,


Crdinal Nick and sister Jenn,

And of course, Dr. Foley and his wife.

The Wedding party . . .
Crazy Daisy attended to the Guest book,

Nurse Edna was the organist,
Bob was Jack's best man,
Bubba was the ring bearer,
Elizabeth was the maid of Honor,
and Little Mercy was the flower girl.

And Finally,
Mary's handsome groom, Jack,
And last, but not least, the lovely bride, Mary.

Dr. Foley officiated the ceremony and as he pronounced the happy couple Man and wife. . .

The guests partied late into the night.

Until everyone was exhausted !!!!